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Music Therapy for the Times.



Sparks for Success! provides Music Therapy and Private Music Instruction for students to promote healing from the traumas of parental incarceration. Our students also include those affected by deportation and homelessness.


Sparks envisions our students learning skills to overcome their traumas and be equipped to use those critical skills throughout their lives to prevent generational poverty and incarceration.

Something New for Sparks

Now that the spring semester is half over, school counselors are requesting we continue Music Therapy sessions with their students into the summer. This is new for Sparks and requires additional funding to provide this service at no expense to our Title 1 schools or our families.

Sparks for Success! has grown

Throughout this school year, Sparks for Success! has continued to get requests by central Texas Title 1 schools to provide additional Music Therapy classes for children suffering the traumas brought on by the forced separation from a parent. Our services have expanded from one school district to four and from 6 schools to 16! Many of our schools have more than one Sparks class including a school that has five classes. The need is great and Sparks is  there to help these children.

This means Sparks must contract with additional Board-Certified Music Therapists in order to accommodate the continual requests to help children needing our services.

We cannot do this without your support.

As we all look forward to a better year ahead, the challenges our students are facing due to parental incarceration is compounded by the current stressors of the pandemic and then our severe weather event. School is on again, off again, in person and then virtual. Our kids were already suffering from poverty, social injustices, difficult family environments–the challenges go on.

You can help provide Music Therapy services to our students by making your donation now. Sparks for Success! is working with children in four central Texas school districts. We are providing Music Therapists and instruments to our students. Sparks for Success! is working with both school-based classes for kids attending school in the building itself,  and for home-based families (all the siblings and caretakers) who choose to school from home.

Sparks for Success! must contract with additional music therapists to accommodate the needs of these new classes and families.  PLEASE HELP by making your donation now.  Thank you!





Sparks for Success! has been helping children succeed in school as they learn important life skills through our Private Music instruction and Music Therapy classes. Please join with us in providing even more classes with our 5th Year Celebration Fundraising Event. We’re past the half-way mark and have two weeks left to reach our goal of $5000!

See our Charity Go Fund Me page for details!

Please consider a contribution today that will enable us to take students off our wait list and provide important life skills to help them succeed in school. Thank you!

A new program for the times we are facing

Virtual Music Therapy

As our Austin schools are closed indefinitely, Sparks for Success! is determined to continue teaching our students skills to help them cope with these times. And we’re not doing this only for our own Sparks students, but for all the elementary age children in our district. Everyone is experiencing some level of trauma and Sparks for Success! wants to share coping mechanisms with children and their families.

Weekly Videos

“We love Sparks’ videos and are sharing them widely among staff and students. Thanks for these beautiful resources!!”  

~ Communities In Schools of Central Texas ~

In addition to our Music Therapists who are sending encouraging messages to their students by way of our school counselors, Sparks for Success! is producing weekly videos, each teaching a skill to help all our children develop the resilience they need. Here is the link to one of our videos. Thank you, Ms. Adrienne, for producing these.

Sparks has already received positive feedback from school counselors.

The Challenge

In the past, Sparks for Success! has not run programs during the summer months, so our Covid-19 Video Project is not in our current budget. Producing these weekly videos is putting a strain on Sparks’ finances and we need your help during this critical time.

You Can Help

Please consider a gift to Sparks for Success! to help us offset these additional unforeseen expenses. Sparks wants to continue these weekly videos throughout the summer and into the school year. You can support literally hundreds of children through this project.

Most helpful is to have the security of monthly contributions. By choosing this option you will help Sparks know what we can do for our children. Sparks for Success! is grateful for all contributions.

Thank you in advance for supporting our children through these difficult days.

Other ways to give include mailing your check to:

Sparks for Success!
PO Box 660204
Austin, TX 78766-7204

You or a family member may reap significant tax savings by contributing to Sparks for Success! through a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Your financial advisor can help you with this option. Our EIN: 81-3402046

Sparks for Success! is a nonprofit organization under IRC 501(c)(3).
All contributions are tax deductible.
Sparks for Success! CHANGES LIVES . . .
In the words of one middle school Assistant Principal:
“It’s a long and difficult journey for the kids and those of us working with them. Please know you are making a real difference.”

Your gift will Change A Life.

You can also help as you shop through AmazonSmile.
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Just go to smile.amazon.com and choose Sparks for Success! as your beneficiary nonprofit.  Thank you!
Sparks for Success! works with students experiencing traumas resulting from parental incarceration. We conduct our Music Therapy classes and Private Music Lessons in some of Austin ISD’s Title 1 schools.

Our partners include Austin ISD and Communities In Schools (CIS) of Central Texas and Sparks’ Music Therapy classes are in demand.

Our Music Therapy classes are led by Board Certified Music Therapists who are who are educated in trauma and are trained in the specialized use of music interventions to reach non-musical goals.

Sparks for Success! helps our students develop the life skills they need to navigate around the present and future hurdles in their lives. We also provide Private Music Lessons to give our students the skill and confidence to join middle and high school band and orchestra.

The study of music instills important life skills that will serve our students as they progress through school, get jobs, and serve their communities.

Our goal is to encourage our students to achieve their potential. We help them develop the resilience they need so they can graduate from school, get jobs, and become contributing members of our community.

Some of our students will become leaders in their communities and will advocate for children like themselves.

Ignite a Spark! Donate now to enable Sparks for Success! to serve more children.
Thank you!