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Music Therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based allied health profession that is particularly suited to working with children as well as adults.

Sparks for Success! conducts school-based Music Therapy sessions for our students. Our groups are led by Board-Certified Music Therapists who are educated in trauma and trained in the specialized use of music intervention to reach non-musical goals.


“Our 4th graders just love dancing with scarves and singing songs with Sparks for Success! as they learn another way to manage their anxiety.”

We are igniting the spark of hope in the lives of our children and their families!


As three Sparks Music Therapy students are improvising on a keyboard, they are  also learning important skills like leadership, taking turns, active listening, and appropriate self-expression.

Those goals are for students to develop critical skills they will need throughout their lives, like emotional regulation and impulse control. Our students are learning to communicate effectively and work alongside others and within groups. These skills are required to succeed in school, hold jobs, and become contributing members of our community.

While all this is serious work, our students are having lots of fun while learning! They get to play hand drums and other percussion instruments. You can see them dancing as they wave flowing scarves to the music. They sing and compose their own songs, and make up stories based on the music they hear.

Sparks for Success! is igniting the spark of hope in the lives of our children and their families!


Summer Program

Sparks for Success! has been blessed with broader opportunities for our students when we incorporated tele-health services in our Music Therapy Program. Teachers, school counselors, and parents have seen the positive impact Sparks has on their children and some requested us to continue Music Therapy services into the summer months.

This was new for Sparks and has proved to be an effective means of keeping our students centered on maintaining their skills beyond the regular academic year.

Sparks looks forward to growing our Summer Program along with the help of our community.


By meeting together, sharing meals, walking through curriculum, studying the Word, and simply doing life with another, the men in our congregation have a safe place where they can get connected with the resources, support, and friendships to help them live fuller lives in Christ.

No matter your stage or season of life, we want you to join us! Take a look at all the options we have for adult ministries to find what best suits you. We can't wait to help you connect with others in our church.

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