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Sparks for Success!

Sparks for Success supports children affected by parental incarceration. Research paints a dismal picture for many children of inmates who, along with their family members, are overwhelmed by their circumstances. Very few receive adequate support from their communities due to stigma and lack of understanding around parental incarceration.

Sparks for Success instills hope in our students as we teach them critical life skills through our MusicTherapy and Private Music Lesson programs.  We are building future leaders by enabling our students to succeed in school and in life.


Who We Serve

Our students reside in Central Texas and attend Title 1 (economically disadvantaged) schools. We primarily work with children of color living in impoverished areas. Our most recently surveyed demographics revealed that: 

Our Students' Success

Sparks' licensed music therapists help kids learn social-emotional skills to better cope with their traumas. Recent student surveys have indicated an overwhelmingly positive response to music therapy interventions:


Additionally, our therapists have found that between 72% and 85% of our students have made some or significant progress in one or more social-emotional learning goals in the past year.



Grab Your Headphones

One of the best ways to learn more about the impact Sparks for Success is making for students in our community is to hear from our team. As special guests, we had the privilege of taking listeners on a deep dive into the mental health benefits of music therapy with the Hogg Foundation.

Listen to the full podcast episode now:




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Help us continue providing music therapy services in Central Texas at no cost to the schools we work with or the students involved. By supporting us with a one-time or ongoing donation, your gift could be a crucial turning point in a child’s life. 

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