Our Vision

The vision of Sparks for Success! is to end generational incarceration and poverty for our students as they learn the skills to stay in school, graduate, and become productive citizens in our community. 

Our Mission

The mission of Sparks for Success! is to help our students build their resilience and overcome their traumas through Music Therapy in order to succeed in school and in life.

Why Children of Inmates?

Youth with one or both parents in a jail or prison make up one of the largest at-risk populations in the United States. Incarceration affects racial minorities and the economic underclass at higher rates than the white and middle- to upper-class population, putting more economic and psychosocial hardship on families that are already underserved.

Parental incarceration is recognized as one of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that can have lifetime detrimental impacts on brain development and physical health.

Why Music?

Music is the international language that reaches everyone. It transcends ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic barriers.

Research shows how music impacts brain function and human behavior. It can reduce stress, pain, and symptoms of depression. It also can improve cognitive and motor skills. ["Your Brain on Music", Pegasus, UCF.edu]

And music is fun! Whether singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, our Sparks students are having a great time as they explore ways to overcome their traumas and learn to move forward with healing and success for their future.

Our Team


Cynthia Smith

Founder & Executive Director

Cynthia founded Sparks for Success! in 2016 after working for a number of years with children affected by parental incarceration. She realized early intervention was vitally important to help these children develop the resilience needed to overcome the traumas resulting from parental incarceration. Cynthia envisions in each child a great potential just waiting to be unleashed through skilled nurturing and guidance. 

Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and a Master of Business Administration. She has studied piano at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, the University of Delaware, The Mozarteum Sommerakademie in Salzburg, and The University of Texas at Austin, and studied business administration at St. Edward’s University (Austin).

For more than 40 years, Cynthia’s teaching career has encompassed private piano lessons, class theory, and general music classes. She has also directed children’s choirs throughout that time. Her experience includes working with children to promote early childhood development skills through music. On the nonprofit side, Cynthia was the Director of Administration and Operations for 19 years with the RGK Foundation. Throughout the years Cynthia has served on several boards and has been active as a volunteer in her community.


Jim Ebbitt

Jim Ebbitt was Senior Vice President for Life and Health Care Products. Prior to joining Answer Financial, Ebbitt served as Executive Vice President of Developmental Markets of United Healthcare in Minneapolis where he built a national channel alliance strategy and partnerships with major companies such as American Express. Ebbitt also served as President of United Healthcare-Individual Business, and managed the Individual Business Unit for Blue Cross of California at Wellpoint Health Networks, Inc. Prior to Wellpoint, he directed Health Care operations in North and South Carolina for The Prudential Insurance Co. of America. Ebbitt attended the University of Minnesota, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.


Roshini Patrick

Roshini Patrick started her charitable activity in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina visited Texas. Simply supporting charities financially was no longer an option, and she was actively looking for a local charity to volunteer her time and get to know the inner workings of a charitable organization. In 2013 she happened to cross paths with Cynthia Smith to help support the work of changing the trajectory of children of inmates. Roshini joined the board of Sparks for Success! to focus on our own backyard here in Texas. Roshini Patrick has spent the last 20 years in the accounting field in corporate environments, working for both small and large corporations. She received her Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance in Australia and earned her Certified Management Accountant designation here in Texas.


Daniel Monplaisir

Board Member

Daniel Monplaisir has been working with students for over 25 years, and kids are his passion in life. Daniel is the Director of Motivational Entertainment for EPIC Outreach, a company that performs motivational entertainment for kids and families all over the world, using entertainment as an avenue to teach positive, life-changing messages.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and also serves as an Information Operations Officer in the Texas Army National Guard. His past roles include Board Member of the Alabama State PTA, Army Human Resource Officer, Actor/Singer at various professional and community theatres, and Education Guidance Counselor for the Texas National Guard.

He has volunteered and worked with several charitable organizations since 2006 including TeenPact Leadership Schools, Foundation for Moral Law, Alabama Sports Festival, and is an active volunteer teacher at his local church's Kid’s Ministry and Upward Basketball referee.


Larry Steele

Board Member

Larry Steele is a retired US Air Force Senior Master Sergeant who spent 22 years as a Weather Observer, Weather Forecaster, and Weather Superintendent.  After retiring from the Air Force, Larry launched a second career in the Information Systems arena, serving as a Tech Writer, Programmer, Operational and Computer Auditor, and Security and Disaster Recovery VP.

Larry earned his BS in Business Administration and Management from the University of Maryland while in the Air Force.  He earned his AA in Computer Programming Technology from Metro Tech of Omaha after his discharge. Larry spent many years as a programmer, an operational and computer auditor, as well as a disaster recovery professional.

After retiring from VISA in 2007, Larry entered the volunteer community by joining the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN). He immediately became a Core Team member and a grant writer. Larry has been deployed a number of times to help the survivors of floods, fires, tornadoes, and plant explosions.  Larry is on the ADRN Advisory Board. He has served as President and board member of several non-profit organizations.


Noah Crider

Board Member

Noah Crider is a graduate of Texas State University and a lover of all things Austin. He has worked in sales, operations, and consulting and is currently a sales coach for Dell financial services. Noah is also part of an early seed stage company in Austin called Encast. He was an inaugural member of the American Heart Association’s “Leaders with Heart” cohort and in 2018 completed the “Austin Involved Board Internship Program” through I Live Here, I Give Here. Noah’s main goal, both in the long- and short-term is to always be helping people. He does this at work, through community service, by sharing his faith, and even by just being a good friend.

Noah and his wife, Lauren, have a heart for giving back and do so by being involved with missions groups and service projects. At any time you can find them hiking, camping, playing sports, or just enjoying time with their two rescue dogs, Cooper and Indie.


Bianca Neal

Board Member

Bianca Neal is a music industry executive with over 15 years in the field of arts, entertainment, entrepreneurship and multi-media production experience, as well as a portfolio of varied accomplishments including education initiatives, community public art and successful cultural arts project management. She is committed to advancing equity in the arts and cultural spaces.

As a teaching artist, she hosts workshops throughout the country through H.O.P.E.F.U.L. Art (Helping Other People Experience Fulfilling Unlimited Lives). In this capacity, she curated and facilitated the exhibition of 30+ incarcerated artists. Bianca has illustrated 10 children’s books, has been featured in the notable E.A.S.T. exhibition (5 years+) and is an award winning filmmaker. Her film credits include the award-winning film Chasing Smoke, and the critically acclaimed film Tower to Tower.

As a media maven, she has also choreographed performances presented at SXSW and Austin City Limits. She has also spoken at SXSWEdu, USC and recently, Harvard University on the Art and Power of Storytelling. She has served as the Lead Juror for the City of Austin (COA) National Arts program, and the COA Cultural Arts Division board for Cultural Funding Program. Bianca received her BA from USC and an M.F.A. from UT Austin.

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