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End-of-Year giving just got better! 100% of donations made to…/108133408063901813/…/2091904 go to Sparks for Success!
NO deductions, NO fees, PLUS PayPal will ADD 1% to all donations made here through December 31, 2018.


There are more than 5000 children in Travis County alone who have a parent in prison. Many more have a parent with a history of incarceration. 

Sparks for Success! gives the children we serve the one-on-one attention they may not be getting anywhere else by reaching out to them through music, the language that speaks to everyone!

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Monthly Gifts

$100/month provides private music lessons for a student for the school year.

$50/month provides Ensemble Training* for one student for the school year.

$25/month helps us cover miscellaneous expenses such as music books,

guitar strings, reeds, instrument repairs, student incentives.

*Currently incorporates non-clinical Music Therapy being taught by a board certified Music Therapist.

One Time Gift

$40 pays for the cost of a Federal Background check for one teacher

$25 helps provide additional instruments for our Percussion Ensemble

Sparks for Success! is a nonprofit organization under IRC 501(c)(3).

All contributions are tax deductible.

Sparks for Success! is always seeking Teachers and Volunteers

TEACHERS for drum set, guitar, piano, saxophone

VOLUNTEERS to help with Social Media, Marketing, Videography, Photography