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The first $2000 donated during Amplify Austin will provide scholarships for two Sparks for Success! students to attend the UT Longhorn Band Camp this summer. These students are entering the 9th grade in the fall. They attended the camp last summer and experienced a week of intensive music training.

That experience proved to be a catalyst for a year of academic and musical growth.

You can schedule your contribution now through 6pm on March 6, 2020 or choose to join the excitement during the 24-hours of giving March 5 & 6. Either way, you will be helping our students reach their full potential to become vibrant contributors to our community. 

Other ways to give include mailing your check to:

Sparks for Success!
PO Box 660204
Austin, TX 78766-7204

Sparks for Success! has more requests for our in-school Music Therapy classes and we need your help.

Sparks for Success! partners with Austin ISD and Communities In Schools (CIS) of Central Texas to provide school-based Music Therapy classes and Private Music Lessons to children whose family members have been incarcerated. Sparks’ Board Certified Music Therapists help our students develop the resilience to navigate the present and future hurdles in their lives. Our Instrumental Teachers help our students develop the skill and confidence to join middle and high school band and orchestra. Both of these programs help our students to achieve academically and in life.

~ What your gift will do ~

Sponsoring a Music Therapy Class:

$3000 = one class for one school year

$300 = Small Djembes for 7 students

$100 = Other percussion instruments

Sponsoring Private Music Lessons:

$30 = one lesson for one week

$120 = one lesson for one month

$900 = one lesson for one school year

All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Please consider contributing monthly, quarterly, 
or a one-time donation.
You or a family member may reap a significant tax savings by contributing to Sparks for Success! through a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) . Your financial advisor can help you with this option.
Sparks for Success! is a nonprofit organization under IRC 501(c)(3).
All contributions are tax deductible.