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Sparks for Success! has more requests for our in-school Music Therapy classes and we need your help.

Sparks for Success! provides in-school Music Therapy classes in some of our Austin ISD Title 1 schools. The children we work with have suffered great traumas in their young lives as the result of Parental Incarceration, Family Deportation, and/or Homelessness. Some of our children have developmental delays. All of our students are in need of learning to navigate their hurdles so they can do better in all aspects of their lives to unleash their great potential and become contributors to our community.

~ What your gift will do ~

Sponsoring a Music Therapy Class:

$50 = one class for one week

$200 = one class for one month

$750 = one class for one semester

$1500 = one class for one school year

Sponsoring Private Music Lessons:

$25 = one lesson for one week

$100 = one lesson for one month

$375 = one lesson for one semester

$750 = one lesson for one school year

All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Please consider contributing monthly, quarterly, 
or a one-time donation.

Sparks for Success! is a nonprofit organization under IRC 501(c)(3).

All contributions are tax deductible.

Sparks for Success! is seeking


MUSIC TEACHERS for a variety of instruments.

VOLUNTEERS to help with Site Management, Social Media, Videography, Photography, Events