Guitar Center

Guitar Center Music Foundation awards Sparks for Success! with a generous in-kind grant!

Sparks for Success! has been greatly blessed this fall. The Guitar Center Music Foundation awarded Sparks with a generous in-kind grant to supply all the instruments we need for our Music Therapy (MT) sessions.

This had been a particularly difficult time due to the pandemic. In the past, Sparks collected our instruments at the end of the school year to sanitize and store them for the following year. However, since March 2019, we were sending instruments to our students’ homes as all MT sessions were held utilizing telehealth and children were attending school online. As a result, we had completely depleted our inventory.

Red Sea Moments    Despite universal delays in shipping, Sparks was receiving boxes throughout the fall that arrived exactly when we needed those specific instruments! It has been an amazing and humbling experience.

All of us at Sparks for Success! are grateful to The Guitar Center Music Foundation for their support of our students.