THANK YOU for donating to Sparks for Success! on

#Giving Tuesday. you have given the gift of


to these children:

  • Children of inmates

  • Children with deported family members

  • Children who have been held in Las Hieleras, aka Border Ice Box

  • Children living in Austin homeless shelters

These are the children Sparks for Success! serves with our Music Therapy classes and Private Music Lessons in some of Austin ISD’s schools.

Our Music Therapy classes are led by Board Certified Music Therapists who are who are educated in trauma and are trained in the specialized use of music interventions to reach non-musical goals.

Sparks for Success! helps our students develop the life skills they need to navigate around the present and future hurdles in their lives. We also provide Private Music Lessons to give our students the skill and confidence to join middle and high school band and orchestra.

The study of music instills important life skills that will serve our students as they progress through school, get jobs, and serve their communities.

Our goal is to encourage our students to achieve their potential. We help them learn to achieve their potential so they can graduate from school, get jobs, and become contributing members of our community.

Some of our students will become leaders in their communities and will advocate for children like themselves.

Ignite a Spark! Donate now to enable Sparks for Success! to serve more children.
Thank you!